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25 calvin st, spitalfields, london e1 6nw
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Clare Bryan Beyond - Recent Works
Open to the public:
Friday 27th April - Sunday 20th May
13:00 - 18:00 Fri, Sat, Sun only

Beyond presents new work by Clare Bryan which brings together the investigation of digital and 3D print media to works on paper creating surface, scale and space. Photographic images are the genesis or source she has used to manipulate spaces within spaces both visually and physically using scale and form to bring the outside - inside and the inside to the farther side - beyond. The works on paper take the form of 3D wall prints, embossing, plinth works and bookworks.

‘Float (before the eyes, in the mind)’ is a large multi blind-embossed print made up of ten smaller sections which hang and overlap to form a whole. The architectural white embossed image is set, adrift, at varying depths away from the white wall of the project space, light and shadow building surface within surface.

‘Beyond’ is, in contrast, smaller in scale and is intense in colour. This digital 3D wall print shows a mirrored and repeated image of a half glimpsed passageway, building a labyrinth of passages, forming the unreal from the real to create the imagined space beyond.

‘Within’ at first glance appears to be an empty plinth which on closer inspection reveals its interior space. A digital print of a many doored room or corridor lines the inside of the plinth, its floor level disappearing into darkness, the void within.

Previous works have incorporated the use and qualities of glass, light and projection within print and bookworks and this new body of work continues Clare Bryan’s research into print matter and surface.

Clare Bryan graduated from Camberwell School of Art in 1998. Her work has been included in exhibitions at The British Library, Elms Lester Painting Rooms, and ‘Digital Portfolio’ at Cover Up, and has prints in the Government Art Collection at the Moscow Embassy

Beyond, 2001
3D wall print

Float (Beyond the Eyes, in the Mind) (detail), 2001
working drawing

Within, 2001
section of plinth print

Motive, 2001
zig-zag bookwork

Between (detail), 2000