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Split Reality

Open to the public:
Saturday 15th - Sunday 30th Oct 2005
13:00 - 18:00

Split Reality is the first solo exhibition of new work by Eli Zafran in London.

The work Split Reality consists of an installation that deals with the basic notion of mapping a space and reduces this act into one-millimetre wide mirrors and expanding rays of light. Therefore creating a space where images of light and mirrored surfaces intervene.

This is an outcome of Zafran’s research with Virtual Reality Lab at the UCL and their use of mind tracking devices (EEGs).

In this project, the artist volunteered to be a subject in an experiment that examined the ability to control movement in a VR environment by using only basic patterns of thought. The outcome in his work is this environment of a labyrinth that was designed using Maya Modelling and resulted in a maze of white light, made of both its actual and reflected manifestations, as seen on the inkjet prints.

Split Reality plays on the parallel sight of glass surfaces, where the transparent material enables seeing both sides at once. The inability to place a trace, a mark or a scratch, to a certain side of a glass which one often comes across, suggests the ability to use both surfaces in the works on display. This has continued to further its physical manifestation into the field of the abstract experience of sight and vision.

Sight stretches beyond interior limited spaces, where it tends to be blocked by opaque surfaces such as walls.  In this case in particular, the calculated blueprint for the exhibition does not predict how exactly reflections, rays of light, and thin mirroring surfaces will present their non-material based visuals, within an enclosed space.

Division and multiplicity both play considerable roles in the process of crossing vantage points that split and divide, however in doing so they also enhance the given gallery space.

Eli Zafran studied at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and the Slade School of Fine Art, where he is currently doing a Post Master Research.

His work consists of sculpture, 3D animation, photography and installation. He is interested in the relations between people and their surroundings as well as the basic relations of a viewer to a given space and work of art.